Welcome to Super Starters

Super Starters is based on the Mornington Peninsula where we primarily produce Starter Pots.

A ‘Starter Pot’ is a cellulose-based degradable fibrous membrane which encases propagation substrate and sits within a cell tray. This self-contained product is designed to be a turn-key solution for Propagation requirements and will allow you to grow healthier roots, creating high-quality ‘Starter Plants’.

Super Starters would like to work with you to tailor a starter pot solution that will work within your propagation program.

We also supply Empty cell trays, Starter Pot Paper and Custom Blend Bulker bags of substrate.

Benefits of Starter Pots

Bio-Degradable Pots

Our Starter Pots break down naturally over time

Consistent Quality

Our key focus is to deliver a consistent product on time

Australian Made

All made right here in Australia by the Super Starters Team

Turn-key Solution

A Starter Pot is a turn-key propagation system