About Us


We understand that customers are looking for an edge and are demanding a smarter and more efficient way of working.

A Starter Pot gives you the opportunity to produce a high-quality final product with a more consistent strike rate over a shorter period of time.

“Starter Pots are a smarter more efficient way to propagate.”

Our key focus is the end product and we understand that this is critical to your business. Having been on the receiving end we only send out products that we would want to Propagate into ourselves.

We aim to work with our customers to provide a service that is consistent, reliable and suitable for your needs.



We like to respond to what our customers require. This starts with a conversation. Building relationships rather than selling a product is the cornerstone of what we are about.

“Building relationships rather than selling a product.”

Working with our clients is integral to what we are about at Super Starters. Our clients can expect open communication, flexibility and a consistent end product.

We look to help our clients not only achieve great results with our Starter Pots but in return grow with them. A lot of thought has gone into our processes to ensure we can maintain a high standard of quality with each order.


Super Starters key focus is to give you the edge in the plant
propagation market.
• Turn-key solution growing system for your propagation needs
• A wide range of cell sizes to choose from
• Adding extra nutrition to our Custom Blend Mixes
• Custom blend mixes to suit your propagation requirements
•Suitable for various types of propagation including cuttings, seed, tissue culture and division
• A fully bio-degradable growing system
• Reduction in labour costs
• Less time on growing benches
• Easier handling, gapping, sorting and faster transplanting
• Eliminates transplant shock
• Healthier and faster root development, producing a more
uniform plant
• Shorter crop times and more consistent strike rate
• Reduction in plant shrinkage
• Increased wet/dry cycles
• Ability to Automate Potting



Our Starter Pot products include:
162 tray – 20mm plug (comes dibbled) maximise bench space.
105 tray – 25mm plug (comes dibbled) is great for larger cuttings.
50 cell tray – 40mm plug gives flexibility when potting into baskets.
32 cell tray – 50mm plug suits large crops that need room to grow.
Mixes are critical and we make your mix up on site to ensure they are fresh and ready to use.
• Our Custom Blend mix is made up of Pinstrup Blonde Peat (plus Starter Charge), Perlite, and if you wish, Nutricote 140 day.

We can also supply you Empty Trays in many different cell sizes, Pinsdstrup Peat bales and 1000 litre Bulker Bag Propagation mixes.


Automation is widely considered a way of streamlining processes and obtaining a more consistent result.

The Super Starters System begins with Custom Blends being made on-site right through to the finished product ready for you to use.

See this process in action!



Dan Patience has vast knowledge in the world of horticulture and his propagation techniques are at the cutting edge. His scientific approach to propagation will provide you with a suitable mix to begin your propagation.

“…propagation techniques that are at the cutting edge.”

Bobby Birch will look after your needs from beginning to end. He will ensure that your job is scheduled to meet your required time frame, keep you informed along the way, and ensure that you receive a top-quality product.

Our production team works hard to ensures that your order is produced within the given timeframe. Quality control is our top priority.

Benefits of Starter Pots

Bio-Degradable Pots

Our Starter Pots break down naturally over time

Consistent Quality

Our key focus is to deliver a consistent product on time

Australian Made

All made right here in Australia by the Super Starters Team

Turn-key Solution

A Starter Pot is a turn-key propagation system