Our Products


We produce Starter Pots and heaps of them.

Cell sizes we offer are:

162 cell tray – 20mm wide plug
105 cell tray – 25mm wide plug
50 cell tray – 40mm wide plug
32 cell tray – 50mm wide plug

Mixes are made depending on your requirements. Our Base 7-12 Coarse Starter includes a Blend of Blonde Peat with the addition of a Forest Gold wood fibre plus Starter Charge.  At your request, we can include Perlite and Foam to open the mix up further and even add a CRF (Nutricote 140 day mini).

Should you require RAW materials we can also help out there. We have a good supply of Pinstrup Peat including the following:

7-12mm Coarse Starter
3-10mm Medium Starter
0-10mm Fine Starter (with Perlite)

We have a range of Empty trays including:

288 Cell Tray
200 Cell Tray
162 Cell Tray
105 Cell Tray
72 Cell Tray
50 Cell Tray
32 Cell Tray

 Looking to enhance your propagation at an early stage, maybe consider Physiostart an engrais plant starter. This is sold in a 25 KG bag.